The party starts here!

A Brews & Tattoos evening is a new fun way to enjoy a night out. Hosted exclusively at the best evening venues, Brews & Tattoos is a highly interactive event that guides you through the creation and application of temporary tattoos. We’ll provide lots of tattoo flash art for you to choose from, but what you choose and where you put your tattoo is at your discretion. We encourage you to keep it PG 😉

A Brews & Tattoos night includes games and prizes designed to ratchet up the fun level and enhance your experience. You’ll be interacting with old friends and making new ones all while enjoying a great brew (or two) and using professional tattoo pens.

All tattoos are applied with vibrant skin safe inks that last throughout the night and are as easily washed off when you’re ready to do so.

Fun with friends, drinks and ink!

Bring a friend and give your imagination a workout.

“I swear I’ve never seen my husband put his phone down and leave it down for so long. This was great!”
“I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before! What a blast!”