Become a Brews and Tattoos Venue

Thank you for your interest in hosting Brews & Tattoos nights. A typical event will bring in between 30 and 40 patrons who would enjoy your beverages and in many cases food. Each event is scheduled for two hours, but can go longer and guests typically stay past the allotted time. So hosting a Brews & Tattoos night is very much a win for you and a great way to count on regular business on what might typically be a slow day.
A lot goes in to our choices for venues. Some of the items we consider are:

• Number of beers on tap and generally available (A good craft beer selection is a huge bonus)
• Cleanliness of the establishment
• General reputation
• Geographic Location
• Willingness to allow a beer sponsor for our event (we’ll make sure it’s a beer you carry)
• Willingness to allow us to promote upcoming events in your establishment

If you feel your establishment would meet all of our needs please fill out the form below and our Director of Partner Relations will reach out to you and we’ll get started on making one of your slowest nights one of your busiest!